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Add custom Table method on Form in D3FOE

Sohagani Shah
ERP Developer
Published on December 31, 2017
Category: Dynamics 365, Enterprise


As we know, we can only work with Extension code in D365 Finance and Operations. In this blog article, we will see how we can add a custom display method to a Table and display it on form using Extension.


  1. Create a new Class
  2. Add Display method
  3. Display the method on form

1. Create a new Class:

  • Go to Solution Explorer -> Project
  • Right Click -> Select ‘Add new Item’
  • Select Class -> Enter Name. Class name can be anything ending with ‘_Extension’. Eg. <ClassName>_Extension
  • Click Ok

2. Add Display method:

Public Static class CFLoyaltyaddphone_Extension // Class must be static 


    [SysClientCacheDataMethodAttribute (true)]  //This statement will cache display method 

    public static display LogisticsElectronicAddressLocator CFS_GetPhoneno (RetailLoyaltyCard _this) //Pass Tablename as Parameter 


        DirpartyTable dirPartyTable; 

        Dirpartylocation dirpartylocation; 

        LogisticsElectronicAddress logisticsElectronicAddress; 

        select * from dirpartylocation 

            where  dirpartylocation.Party == _this.Party 

            join logisticsElectronicAddress  

            where logisticsElectronicAddress.Location == dirpartylocation.Location  

            && logisticsElectronicAddress.IsPrimary == NoYes::Yes  

            && logisticsElectronicAddress.Type == LogisticsElectronicAddressMethodType::Phone ; 

         return logisticsElectronicAddress.locator; //Return Field value                  



3. Display the method on Form:

  • Add the field type on form Design.
  • Change the below property
  • change property


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