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AX Retail POS Error for New User

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In AX Retail POS, Implementation Administrator created new windows user ID. But new user trying to open the Retail POS, he is getting error “Retail POS Cannot connect to a database. Try again Later or see your system administrator. “.  As we all know for the online store required Store channel database and store Massage database. System administrator created this database from Administrator user ID or Administrator Permission.

But still this Error occurred?


Why this error occurred?

Answer:  Store channel is the database where all retail POS transaction data stored Like ( sales Transaction, shift details, POS profile, store and terminal details…etc.).  User ID can to connected to this Database or user ID does available for store channel database in SQL. Because of this reason when new user try to run Retail POS application, he gets this error message.

How to solved this issue?

Follow the below steps:

  • Login Point of Sales system from administrator. Then Open the store SQL server.
  • After opening SQL, In Object Explorer go to Security -> logins
  • Right Click on Logins and select New Login option
  • In General tab, select Windows authentication option and after that click on Search button.
  • Add the new user ID. <Domain Name>\<New User ID> (Note:- Make sure that your system should be in domain while adding new user).
    For demo use, I am using my domain
  • Select User Mapping Page, In User Mapping Page Map Store Channel Database and Store message database.
  • Select Database Role membership for Store channel database and store message Database.
    Role should be db_accessadmin, db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_excutore and click on OK button.
  • Restart the Async client Service and run the Retail POS.


Adding User with permission in SQL for Store channel database and Store Message Database, allow windows user to interact with database from Retail POS application.


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