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CloudFronts develops FieldOne Integration with CRM & AX

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One of our current projects involves a CRM Online 2016 deployment along with AX 2012 R3 on Azure. Our client has manufacturing and services operations in 3 continents and wanted to ensure a deep integration between CRM and AX.   In addition, the client also wanted to deploy Field Services Automation (FSA).

With the recent acquisition of FieldOne by Microsoft, it made sense to leverage the FieldOne solution which is built on top of Dynamics CRM Online and provides robust capabilities for Field Service Management.  We also had to integrate FieldOne with Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to ensure a complete integrated solution between CRM and AX.

We selected the Scribe Insight platform for our integration as we already had deep expertise with AX integrations using Scribe. We then customized the Scribe JumpStart solution to incorporate the Field Services entities into the integration. Our team recently completed this challenging integration and the client is going live in a couple of months on this solution!

Key Features of this integration are –

  1. Customers and Service Location integration between CRM and AX.
  2. Service Orders integration from AX to CRM.
  3. Service Objects (Customer Equipment) integration from AX to CRM.
  4. Service Order updates from CRM to AX (including through the RESCO FieldOne client)

Additional integrations like inventory, back orders for parts ordering and warehouse integration are also planned for Phase 2.

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