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CloudFronts joins the AX 7 Technical Preview Program

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CloudFronts Technologies has been selected by Microsoft to join the AX 7 Technical Preview Program! At the AXUG event in Reno last month, Daniel Brown, GM for Dynamics AX R &D and Sri Srinivasan, GM for Microsoft Business Solutions Platform for Dynamics, confirmed that AX 7 will be available in Q1 2016. As a leader in AX Integrations, Customizations and AX migrations, our AX teams have already started learning this new platform.

Our internal ‘AX 7 Excellence Project’ is designed to allow our AX teams quickly learn the Functional and Technical changes in this upcoming release. Our Project tasks are setup in Agile Sprints of 2 weeks to ensure quick learning.

AX 7 also adds many new features and deprecates several existing features. The Microsoft white paper for the new changes and deprecated features can be downloaded here.

Our single goal is to ensure we are ready to advise and migrate our current and new clients to this modern platform and we have all the capabilities in house to help our clients succeed with their AX 7 deployments!

Some Key features of AX 7 are listed below –

  1. Cloud First – Microsoft confirmed that AX 7 will be initially only available for cloud deployments through Azure & LCS. Additional details can be found here – http://msdynamicsworld.com/story/microsoft-dynamics-ax-7-will-launch-azure-first-promises-better-upgrade-experience
  2. Mobility – AX 7 promises a great mobile experience across various mobile devices and mobile platforms.
  3. LCS – AX 7 will be fully deployable through Microsoft Life Cycle Services (LCS) to ensure a smooth deployment process with very little manual setup!
  4. Web based client – AX 7 will finally move AX to a fully browser based experience on desktops! No more AX client installs, as AX 7 will only work on browsers. Standard browsers like Chrome, FireFox and IE will be supported.
  5. A modern UI – AX 7 will introduce a sophisticated modern web UI keeping in line with other Dynamics solutions like CRM.

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