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CloudFronts launches Gravity Forms – Dynamics CRM Integration Solution!

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CloudFronts Technologies is releasing its Gravity Forms and Dynamics CRM integration solution for General Availability! This solution was initially released as a limited release Public Preview last month and we have resolved several issues through feedback from our clients and our internal teams! This finished solution also marks the release of our first ‘product’ for Dynamics CRM customers globally! This solution is currently available for Dynamics CRM Online and will soon be made available for Dynamics CRM On-Premise environments. You can register for a 30 day trial here.

Key Features of the solution are highlighted below –

  1. Automated Web to Lead Conversion – Our solution integrates the very popular Gravity Forms (a WordPress form Plugin) with Leads in Dynamics CRM. When a visitor to your WordPress site submits the contact form it is converted to a Lead in CRM.
  2. Robust Technology Infrastructure – Our integration service is built on top of Azure and utilizes some of the latest features from Azure to provide a highly reliable Lead conversion platform. With a queue based delivery and a high uptime of 99.9%, our integration service ensures your leads are never lost in ‘translation’!
  3. $5/Month pricing – A single $5/month pricing! Convert as many leads as you want. Pricing is also independent of the number of CRM users. Only a flat $5/month pricing! Sweet.
  4. Cancel anytime – There is no contract and you pay on a monthly basis through a recurring payment! You can cancel anytime and we will not bill you going forward.
  5. Edit your Mappings! – Easily edit your form mappings between Gravity Forms and CRM.
  6. Access to our Support – Our Support teams are here to help you. Send an email to support@cloudfronts.com if you need any assistance!

Sign Up for a Free Trial here – http://www.cloudfronts.com/gravity-form-crm-integration-product/.

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