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Connecting to Dynamics 365 Operations through Scribe

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Scribe Online AX Connector is compatible with Dynamics 365 Operations. Connecting to D3fO is similar to that of Microsoft Dynamics AX.


  1. Dynamics 365 Operations Development environment.
  2. Scribe Online Subscription.


  1. Login to Scribe Online URL: https://app.scribesoft.com/
  2. Create a new connection by selecting the connector type as Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  3. Fill in the required details.
    1. OData Service URL: This URL must end in /data.
    2. Process to get the Client Id and Authentication URL.
    3. Steps:

      1. Login to Microsoft Azure URL: https://portal.azure.com
      2. In the left navigation bar, select Azure Active Directory
      3. Select App Registrations
      4. Click on Add.
      5. Fill in the details.
        1. Enter the name of the app.
        2. Select Application Type as Native
        3. Redirect URI: https://login.microsoftonline.com/domainname.com
          This redirect URI is the Authentication URL required in Scribe Online AX Connector.
      6. On creation, the registered app details will be displayed

        The Application ID in the Registered app is the Client Id required in Scribe Online AX Connector.

      7. Click on Required permission in the settings.
      8. Click on Add
      9. Select Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Microsoft.ERP)
      10. Select all three Delegated Permissions. For more details, check this link.


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