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Create an App in Unified Interface in D365 v9.0

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With the new v9 release of Dynamics 365, a lot of user-friendly features have made life easier. Talking about the slick new Unified Interface! And if you want to make an App based on the same with components you need, it’s a hell lot easier too.

New App with Unified Interface:

You can either design an App in the Web Interface or in the new Unified Interface in v9 of Dynamics 365. Here’s how you can do it –

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps.

  2. Then, click on create new App button as shown below.
  3. Now, you only get to choose either from the Web Interface or the new Unified Interface.
    So, it takes just a moment to get the interface ready for you to design. 
  4. Once prepared, you can start making your app, designing your site-map, dashboards, entities etc.
  5. For the sake of this blog, I’ve added a basic SiteMap, some Dashboards and a few Entities
    So typically, this is how I want my App to have!
  6. Once I have made all the changes, I’ll save and Publish the same.

Accessing Unified Interface App:

Once the App is published, it will appear in My Apps section as shown below:

And I can then open and get the new Unified Interface.

Now, you can work in the new Unified Interface with your custom app.

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