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Decompiling the code from the plugin dlls

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There can be a possibility that we lost our plugin code and dlls are already present in Dynamics CRM and we want to extract the code from Dynamic CRM. We don’t have a code backup and we are supposed to make changes in the code as we have some errors in plugin or we need to reconstruct the code. In such situation, we can follow the below steps to decompile the code.

We can make use of XRM Tool Box and some tool to decompile dll.


Steps to be followed are given below:

  1. Open XRM Tool Box–>  Assembly Recovery Tool–>  Select the plugin–> Click on Export to disk
  2.  Dll will be downloaded in the local drive
  3.  Download the code Decompile tool. Link is given below https://www.jetbrains.com/decompiler/
  4. After download Open the Decompile Toolà Open the dll from local drive
  5. Your code will be decompiled as shown below
  6. Only issue is we must disable the previous plugin and register the plugin assembly and steps again.
  7. Now we can make changes in the code.


Retrieving the codes from dynamics CRM dlls can be done by following the above easy steps.

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