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Deploying SSRS Reports on SQL Server

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In this blog article, I will explain you how to deploy the  SSRS Report on SQL Server.

Now you have your report done and it’s time to get them on your reporting server from visual Studio. Within Visual Studio, you can deploy your any individual report or entire project full of reports.

In Solution Explorer -> right-click on your project -> Properties.

Enter the Target Server URL.

If you don’t know what your TargetServerURL is,

Start instance of Reporting Services Configuration Manager  -> click the Web Service URL tab. The URL you need is in the Report Server Web Service URLs section.

Return to the Property Pages box, enter the above URL as the TargetServerURL, and click OK.

Now you can right-click on either your project or any single report and click Deploy.

Now we have to verify that our report made it to the server and that we can execute them. To get the URL for previewing the reports, open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, click the Report Manager URL tab and copy the Report Manager URL.

Open that URL using Internet Explorer with administration permission(Right click on internet explorer -> run as administrator).

Navigate to the SSSR Reports folder, click on your report name, and you should be able to execute it right there in the browser.

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