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Deprecated Feature in D365 Customer Engagement – July Release (v9)

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“Deprecated” means Microsoft intends to remove the feature or capability from a future major release of Dynamics 365.

The feature or capability will continue to work and is fully supported until it is officially removed. This deprecation notification can span a few years. After removal, the feature or capability will no longer work. Microsoft notifies the Customers and Developers well in advance so that they have sufficient time to take action and update the code.

Consolidated list of Deprecated Features in July 2017 release of D365 for Customer Engagement:

Click on each of the link for details on Microsoft Official documentation site:

  1. Dynamics 365 for Outlook (Outlook client) is deprecated
  2. Service scheduling in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is deprecated
  3. Dialogs are deprecated
  4. Usage of Parature knowledgebase as the Dynamics 365 knowledge management solution is deprecated
  5. Project Service Finder app is deprecated
  6. Contracts, Contract Line Items, and Contract Templates entities are deprecated
  7. Standard SLAs in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service are deprecated
  8. Relationship Roles are deprecated
  9. Mail Merge is deprecated
  10. Announcements are deprecated
  11. Ready-to-use business processes available through Add Ready to Use Business Processes setting are deprecated
  12. Some client APIs are deprecated – Details of APIs deprecated with their replacements in the link.
  13. EntityMetadata.IsInteractionCentricEnabled property is deprecated
  14. Silverlight (XAP) web resource is deprecated

We will keep posting more on the details and alternatives for each feature above.

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