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A Duplicate Lookup Reference

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Best way to load data into CRM is excel/CSV.  But some time it happens that few records may not be imported into CRM.

One of the error more frequently occurs is “a duplicate lookup reference was found”.


If you are importing data using CSV, you will find that this is simplest way of importing data into the CRM. But there are chances that while importing data you may receive error.

One of them is “a duplicate lookup reference was found” looking at the error it says that you have more than 1 records with the same name while setting the look up.

But if you will try to look for the duplicate record you would not be able to find record.

As you can see in the below screen shot.

It has two fields with the same display name, so if you will try to import the records in the CRM.  You will encounter the listed error. To resolve reported error, you need make sure that you have unique display name.

Hope this blog helps you to import the records while importing the records.

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