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Dynamics CRM behaviour on deletion of User

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the user owned records in CRM when the user itself is deleted from CRM? Will the records get deleted? Or Will it be assigned to some other user? What will happen to the existing system jobs? Let us see in the below example.


Suppose there is a user named “Somesh Siripuram” and this user has its own account records. The owner of this records is “Somesh Siripuram”.

Now the user is being deleted from the admin portal and no longer has access to Office 365 and CRM.

Login with system administrator and check for the deleted user. The user will be listed in “Disabled User” view.

When you open the user the email address and the user name of the user will be changed and some number appears

Now, it’s time to check the deleted user owned records

Thus, we can see that records neither gets deleted nor the owner of the records get changed. Manual assigning of records to another user is required.

Other effects:

  • Waiting jobs will remain as waiting until it is cancelled.
  • New system jobs (where workflow owner equals to disabled user) will fail. You need to change the owner manually, they are not auto assigned to system


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