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Entity Relationship in Scribe Connector CDK

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This blog explains how to define relationship between Entities in Scribe Connector CDK.

Problem Statement:

We often get requirement from Client to define relationships between entities in custom Scribe Connector


Below is code snippet which explains how to define relationship between Customer and Contact.

Step 1: Define child enity (Contact) Object definintion and add to objectDefinitions

Step 2: Define parent enity (Customer) Object definintion

Step 3: Define relationship between entites, points to remember as below:

  • ThisObjectDefinitionFullName property set parent entity name
  • RelatedObjectDefinitionFullName property set child entity name
  • RelationshipType property set direction as “RelationshipType.Child”
  • ThisProperties & RelatedProperties property should be same in both Parent and child entity.

Step 4: Add relationship to parent entity(Customer) and add parent entity(customer) to objectDefinitions.


Hope above scenario of defining relationship between entities help in real scenario of development.


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