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Event based processing in Scribe Online


Event based processing allows us to expose a Scribe Online Integration as a REST endpoint.

Consider Source as an external application which makes calls to Scribe Online API Web service and Target as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Our goal is to send a request to the Web service in Scribe Online and execute the solution which inserts data in the target.
Here, we can use Scribe Event Solution which allows us to integrate data triggered by calls to a Web Service.

  1. Integration Services (IS) Event
  2. Use Event Solutions to create integration tasks triggered by calls to the Request/Reply Map.

    1. Open the Solution
    2. Select Agents from the navigation pane in Scribe Online
    3. Click New and select Integration Services (IS) Event
    4. Click New and select Request/Reply from the drop-down list
  3. Set up the Request/Reply map

    Start with the Wait for Request block


    Design the schema for your input fields


    After you save the map, Scribe generates a unique endpoint URL for each map.


  4. Add a Build Reply block

    Define the schema for the fields you want to retur (if any). It can be a Boolean value that says whether the customer was successfully created in Dynamics CRM.


  5. Send Reply Block
    1. Causes the Reply to be sent back to the requester
    2. Use this block to exit out of the map or to trigger an error message
    3. We can use Send Reply to change the error handling. (Send Reply is optional)


  6. Map the fields in the Target block
    In our example, we check if the ID equals 100000001, create a new Project else Send a reply with ‘Do not create’.



  7. Set Security Rules

    From the Security Tab on the Organization page, specify the security rules for the Event Solutions.


  8. Once saved your solution will be in a state of ‘Waiting for Event’.


  9. Set up custom application to call the Scribe REST API
    Copy the endpoint URL and paste it in your custom application.

    1. Postman (Chrome) application is used to make REST call to the web service.

    Below image contains POST request in JSON format to a particular URL.

    Each map within an Event Solution runs independently, depending on the event that triggers


    Click Send to call the Integration solution. You will get a response as shown in below image.


Result in Target (CRM):
– Navigate to Projects



Scribe Online Integration Services provides two kinds of Solutions:

  1. Scheduled Solutions — Integrate data between online and on-premise data stores on a specified schedule or on demand.
  2. Event Solutions — Integrate data triggered by calls to a web service.


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