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iD Fresh Foods selects CloudFronts to implement Power BI for rich Analytics and KPIs!

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iD Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd, also known as “iDSpecial” (www.idspecial.com) is a fast growing Indian FMCG “fresh food” brand. With a mission to “make the preparation of home-made meals a pleasure”, iDSpecial delivers fresh foods to customers every single day. Through a hub and spoke model, iDSpecial provides fresh food to local shops every morning!

What started as a small business with humble beginnings 8 years back is now a fast growing, fresh foods company in India and many international markets. Last year iDSpecial raised around 6 million dollars in funding to fuel its rapid growth and expand into new cities and international markets!

The business operation is dependent on being able to provide fresh food to the local shops on a timely basis, every single day. This requires a sophisticated operation built on top of modern technologies. The van drivers (who run set routes every single day) are provided with smart phones to update their delivery numbers to each store while their location is geo coded and fed to a centralized system for tracking. Sales Managers are assigned territories and it is their job to ensure their territories continue to grow and meet targets and ensuring the store owners’ issues and concerns are addressed in near real time! The numbers from the territories then need to drive the KPIs and metrics that are used by Management to make critical business decisions that impact growth!

iDSpecial wanted a sophisticated Business Intelligence platform that would allow rich analytics with an ability to drill down quickly into details. In addition, they wanted a platform that would be accessible from mobile devices as well! iDSpecial considered the Power BI platform from Microsoft and connected with CloudFronts for an initial discussion and demo at the CloudFronts offices. iDSpecial selected CloudFronts to implement the Power BI platform and has recently entered into a yearlong Services Agreement with CloudFronts to continue developing the Power BI platform. From providing running total of daily sales for current month and the projection for the remaining days to average sales by territories that utilize the gauge visuals, Power BI is already a key BI tool for iDSpecial and will continue to evolve over the coming days and months. A robust SQL Data Warehouse sitting on Windows Azure ensures data integrity and high reliability for the Power BI reports and dashboards!

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