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Integrating Sales Order line items of Dynamics 365 Financials using Scribe Online

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In Dynamics 365 Financials, Sales order line items cannot be integrated in a single step. As, it takes only item number in a create () and rest all the fields are considered as an Update.


  1. Dynamics 365 Financials.
  2. Scribe Online Subscription.

Purpose of the Setup:

Our goal is to integrate Sales Order Line item from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to D365 Financials through Scribe Online.


  1. Configure a connection for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by providing the required information.
  2. Configure a connection for your D365 Financials by providing the required information.
  3. Create a new Solution and specify the Solution name and the Agent.
    Note: Here, we are using a Cloud Agent.
  4. Now create an Integration Map for integrating Sales Order Header and its Line items from CRM Online to Dynamics 365 Financials.

    1. Sales Order Header:
      Use Create Block and create Sales Order Header by mapping required fields.
    2. Sales Order Lines:
      Use For each child Block for looping the Sales Order Lines.

      1. Use Create Block to Create Sales Order Line by mapping primary fields like Document_No,Document_Type,No
      2. Use Update Merge Block to map rest of the fields of Sales Order Lines like quantity,Unit_price etc along with ETag and ETagConcurrencyBehavior

      Note: (As specified by Scribe Software)

      The OData Protocol uses Entity Tags (ETag) to determine how to update or delete data.

      The Dynamics NAV/Financials Connector exposes these ETags as fields:

      ETag — Available as a source and target field, contains the ETag value provided by the Dynamics NAV/Financials OData service.

      ETagConcurrencyBehavior — Available as a target field, used to determine how data conflicts are handled. Possible values for this field are:

      • Always Overwrite (default)
      • Overwrite If Match
      • Overwrite If Not Match


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