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Open Table Browser with different legal entity in AX 7

 Sohagani Shah   2 Comments

As developer, we work on different legal entities to customize data. Generally, DAT is the default entity in AX 7 but we wonder how to use data of other legal entity. In this article, we will tell you how to open Table in Table browser in Visual Studio with different legal entity (USMF) by modifying settings from Dynamics AX Online.

  1. Go to System Administration > Users > Users in Dynamics AX Online.
  2. 1


  3. Select the user for which you want to change the Company Id and click Edit.
  4. 2


  5. In the Company column change the Company Id to USMF.
  6. 3


  7. In Visual Studio open the table browser. Table will open with data of selected company that is USMF.
  8. 4


So, this is how we can open Table in Table Browser in Visual Studio with different legal entity.

Let us know your reviews. We will soon come with more articles, as we further explore AX 7.

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2 thoughts on “Open Table Browser with different legal entity in AX 7”

  1. Hi Experts there I’ve tried the above way of filtering the records for the specific legal entity but still my VS development area table browser is still pointed to the “USMF” entity. Is there any solution to this available for filtering the records for specific legal entity.?

    1. Hi Sakthi,

      There is also another way in VS to specify a particular legal entity.

      1. Right Click you VS Project and select Properties. 2. There is a property Company Name, Enter the Legal Entity which you want to filter. Click OK.

      Your table browser will then open with the legal entity you mentioned in Company name.

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