23 May’17

Dynamics 365, EnterpriseOpen URL in Web browser from D3fO using X++

In this blog article, we will see how we can open a URL in web browser from D3fO using X++ code. It is achieved using Browser class which extends System Class xBrowser having only method navigate(). It has three parameters from which only first is mandatory:

  1. downloadURL (string) – URL you want to browse.
  2. openInNewTab (Boolean) – It is used to specify url should be open in same tab or new tab
  3. showExitWarning (Boolean) – Prompt a dialog to exit the current page.

Create a new Class:

class CFSBrowseURL

Call URL:

public static void main(Args _args)
 Browser browser = new Browser();
 browser.navigate('www.cloudfronts.com', true, false);

So, this will open URL within a new tab in browser using X++. Let me know your reviews and queries. I will soon come up with more articles, as I further explore D365 Operations.

Written by

Sohagani Shah

ERP Developer

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