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Power BI Embedded inside of SharePoint Online

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In this blog article, I will explain you on the new web part which enables SharePoint authors to embed Power BI reports directly in SharePoint Online pages with no code required.

Below are the steps to connect over SharePoint Online:

  1. Publish your Power BI report to your Power BI account
  2. Get the URL to the report
  3. Add the Power BI (preview) web part to your SharePoint Online page
  4. Paste the URL of the report when prompted
  5. To finish, save and publish your page!

As per below screenshot I have one Reports publish on my Power BI account, so at report level in the File menu we need to select “Embedded in SharePoint Online” option.

One Pop-up window appear for the URL which we need to copy for the SharePoint online site.

Now login to your company SharePoint Online account. And create new page inside of existing Page or Separately.

As per below screen shot click on “+” sign and select Power BI option, after clicking new report window appears.

So, when you click on Add Report button, you found one window appears on left side where you need to paste that powerbi URL inside of first block. And it will automatically detect all the reports related to that Power BI account.

Power BI reports appears inside of SharePoint Online account as below. You can also share the same Reports to other colleagues inside of organization.


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