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Retrieve records from NetSuite on basis of Custom field value

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In this blog, we will have a look on how the records can be retrieved from NetSuite on basis of a custom field value.


We had a client with requirement to integrate their NetSuite environment to CRM environment. The integration process from NetSuite basically triggers on the scheduled time set on the server scheduler. One of the entity that gets integrated is “Customer”.

When Customer record is updated in NetSuite, a Boolean field known as “Dirty flag” is set as true in NetSuite.

While integration the records retrieved are based on the Boolean field “Dirty flag”. Only the records which have Dirty flag as true are retrieved.

The code that retrieves the updated records from NetSuite is as follows:

The search is done based on a Boolean custom field. The search value for this field should be set as true.

The above code is to search records from all the pages. The page size mentioned is 5 in the above code. Thus, each page will have maximum of 5 records on one page.


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