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Sales + Marketing Automation QuickStart: Ready to Go – $999 Only!!

CloudFronts Technologies is pleased to announce our Quick Start Package for the Sales + Marketing Automation QuickStart which includes Dynamics CRM Online with ClickDimensions. CRM Online is a state-of-the-art CRM solution offered completely in the cloud through Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

ClickDimensions allows you take your Email Marketing and web content and integrate it seamlessly with your Dynamics CRM Online. For example, you can design emails with us, send them to Leads and Contacts, and get live statistics on who interacted with your message. You can also see Leads and Contacts browsing your website, use forms to generate new Leads and Contacts, track survey responses, and much more.

This document provides details on the key features of our QuickStart package to allow Small & Medium companies to get up and running on CRM Online Sales and Marketing Automation quickly:

  1. 30 Day Trial CRM Online set up in Office 365
  2. Domain Setup
  3. CRM Email Sync setup:
    1. Server Side Synchronization for Exchange Online or
    2. CRM for Outlook for Exchange On premise
  4. Optimized Business process flow setup (Lead to Opportunity Sales Process)
  5. Insights by InsideView for social media. i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  6. 4 Hours Consultation for CloudFronts Sales Best Practices
  7. Pre-configured Sales Dashboards for Sales Person and Sales Manager
  8. Sales Forecasting Report
  9. ClickDimensions Deployment
  10. CRM For Phones Deployment on your supported device
  11. 4 Hours Best Practices & Training on Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions

Assumptions, Terms & Conditions

  1. Quick Start implementations are for CRM Online only through Office 365.
  2. This QuickStart implementation is for new CRM Online customers only.
  3. Existing Customers with CRM Online deployments can contact us for a review of their processes by submitting your requirements here.
  4. Pricing is based on a rapid implementation that does not involve any 3rd party solutions or any CRM configuration or customization outside of our QuickStart offering.
  5. Any changes to the existing Sales and Marketing QuickStart will be addressed through a formal CR (change request) process.
  6. Anything not explicitly mentioned in this document is considered out of scope.
  7. All license costs are additional. We will sign you up for a free 30 day CRM Online trial during which we will deploy our solution. There are no license costs for CRM for this 30 day trial.
  8. ClickDimensions licensing costs are mentioned here: http://clickdimensions.com/pricing/. We recommend selecting the Standard or higher option.
  9. There will be a dedicated CRM user that will be assigned to us and used in the future as well. Typically this user is crmadmin@domain.com. This user will consume a full CRM Professional license.


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