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Voice of Customer survey with SMS in Dynamics CRM

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Voice of Customer is a feature of Dynamics CRM where you can create and send out surveys to gain valuable feedback from your customers about your products or services. Respondents can take your surveys on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Anonymous surveys can be triggered in different ways:

  • Email
  • Social sites like Twitter, Facebook or other web pages
  • SMS

In this blog, we will discuss how we can achieve sending surveys using SMS.

We had a requirement for the client that whenever work order status is changed to completed, send a survey SMS to the contact to fill out the feedback for the service provided.

Pre Requisites:

  1. Voice of Customer Solution installed
  2. Power SMS solution. Download Power SMS from here- http://www.powerobjects.com/powerpacks/powersms/
  3. Choose a Service Provider
    1. CallFire(for US numbers)
    2. Twilio
  4. Configuring Power SMS. The configurations steps can be found in Power SMS User guide here- http://www.powerobjects.com/guides/powersms/.

Steps to be followed to send survey using SMS are listed below:

  1. Create survey in Voice of the Customer as per your requirement and publish the survey.
  2. Create a workflow on work order status field that creates Survey Activity. On creation of survey activity, survey link will be created. Populate and store the survey link in work order contact some custom field on work.

    Step: Create survey activity

    Step: Update contact

  3. Create a workflow that creates a SMS message on update of survey link field. After creation of SMS, set the status of the survey as “Pending Sent”.

    Step: Create SMS

  4. When a work order status will be changed to completed, SMS will be send using workflow. You can see the status reason whether the SMS send successfully or not.

Thus, surveys can be distributed using SMS and feedback can be stored for analysis and improvement of the organization. For more information on Voice of Customer you can refer our blog “Voice of the Customer for Dynamics CRM 2016”.


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