Auto Save Using Timer Control In PowerApps

Posted On November 28, 2020 by Rilsina Pegado Posted in 

Introduction: While using Power apps, we might come across situation where we do not want the user to click on the Save button and then move to next screen to fill in child records.

In such case we can use timer control to auto save the form and navigate to new screen.


In my Use Case, I have  Order which will be auto saved and then the screen to fill in  order lines will open.

  1. Add the timer control on  order form.

I have set auto start to yes and the duration to 2seconds, so when my form will load the timer will auto start and run for 2seconds after which it will execute the action OnTimerEnd.

2. I want to submit the form only when the fields have data. So in the formula,  if data is empty, the user will be notified and timer will reset else the form will be submitted, its id will be saved in variable, the form will reset and user will be navigated to next screen.

You can modify the formula based on your requirements. I have saved the last submit, so that I can open the same form for further editing on the new screen.

Conclusion: You can implement the auto save functionality of CRM in PowerApp by using timer and submit form on timer end.

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