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Microsoft Power BI is a collection of online services and features that enables you to find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways in the form of reports and dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI Offerings:

Power BI for Office 365

Power BI for Office 365 provides an organization-wide self-service business intelligence (BI) infrastructure, and brings Excel workbook sharing, online collaboration, and IT infrastructure together into a holistic offering.

Power BI for Office 365 consists of many features and services, and works seamlessly with Excel. Use Excel to create compelling content, data models, and visualizations, and then use Power BI to share, collaborate, and extend those insights.

Power BI Designer and PowerBI.com

Power BI Designer Preview you get a powerful and dedicated report authoring tool that enables you to connect to and combine data from lots of different sources, using Query. From there, you can create rich reports and visualization within the Power BI Designer.

Power BI Preview displays dashboards on PowerBI.com that are interactive, and can be created and updated from many different data sources

Why Power BI?

  • Powerful Dashboards using HTML5 without the need to install Silverlight
  • Q & A using Natural Language Processing
  • Support for popular SaaS including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Salesforce and many more
  • New Visualizations like radial gauges, combo charts, funnel charts, tree charts and filled maps
  • Available for iPhone, iPad & Windows tablet

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