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Call Management in D365 Field Service


This blog provides a solution to requirement of Client for Call Management in D365 Field Service.


Most clients specify an requirement where Customers gives a Phone Call to Call Center or send email to Customer Care department and how to design this requirement in Field Service.


We need to provide solution to requirement as detailed below

1. Create a record of Case from Service Module by Customer Care Representative User as shown below


2. Client has first level of Support team who provide phone support and provide resolution to Customer, then can continue using OOB BPF to Resolve the Case.

3. Other Scenario is Client First Level Support Team is not able to resolve the issue and needs to create an Work Order for Case then User needs to below steps.

  • Set Incident Type on Case and save record, otherwise this will restrict User from Creating Work Order by OOB Validation as shown below.
  • IncidentTypeValidation

  • Click button on ribbon with “Convert to Work Order” this creates an Work Order populating all data from Case to Work Order.
  • ConvertToWorkOrder


Note: By Creating Case record below are advantages:

  1. First level Support team can review KB articles to resolve the Case.
  2. Origin type of record is saved like Phone Call , Email , Web etc.
  3. OOB feature to convert Case to Work Order.


This blog explains how Phone Calls and email from Customer can be recorded in system and on need basis we can create Work Order from Case record by using OOB feature.

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