Changing the Process of a Project already created in Azure DevOps

While setting up and working on a project in Azure DevOps sometimes we realised that the process we have selected is not what we need for the current project and we want to change the process in AzureDevOps without loosing any task.

Before making any changes, we should keep a check i.e. The inherited process you are trying to move the project should contain at least one of the expected work items

Open the project and click on the project setting as shown in the screenshot below

In the project setting you can see the project process as “Agile”, click on it.

As you click on it, you will be redirected to the below page where you have to select the project and click on the three vertical dots for changing the process.

As you click on change a process, a panel will be open from the left-hand side from where you need to select the process.

As you select the process and click on save, the project process will get change

You can go back to the project and see, all the tasks visible which you can move as per the new process.

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