29 Jan’19

NewsCloudFronts Introduces Wednesday Work from Home (WWFH)

As part of Work-Life Harmony concept, CloudFronts introduces Wednesday Work from Home (WWFH), to boost productivity and employees can take benefit from a blend of both office-based and remote workforce.

By Blending the two environments together WWFH breaks up the week, lessen the pain of a long commute, and reduces time. Two days in the office- one day working remote, and then two more days back in office. This leads to a consistent workflow that balances the number of planning meetings early in the week, a productive Wednesday working from home, and two equally productive and collaborative days on the tail end of the week.

CloudFronts believes ‘Trust’ and right tools to measure the productivity is the bedrock of a successful remote working relationship. Responsible People Thrive on Freedom and are Worthy of Freedom. CloudFronts look forward to increase employee freedom as it grows, rather than limit it, to continue to attract and nourish employees and company growth, so we have a better chance of sustained success.


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