Configuration and Installation of MPOS in Dynamics 365 for Retail


Dynamics 365 for Retail Provides Modern POS functionality (MPOS). It supports online as well as offline mode. The blog describes the configuration and Installation of MPOS step by step.


Step 1:

Go to Retail -> Channels -> Retail Stores -> All Retail Stores

Select the Store for which you want to configure MPOS. In my case I have selected the warehouse.

Step 2:

On right hand side Go to registers and select which register you want for that particular store. Double click on the register

Step 3:

Under General Fast Tab, Enable Support Offline and Double click on the Device

Please Note: If Device is not set for the register of the store. Go to Devices and assign a device of type Retail Modern POS to the register.

Step 4:

Click on Download and select the Configuration file

Step 5:

When the download starts click on save or the browser will automatically download it.

Step 6:

Again Go to Download and now select the Retail Modern POS

Step 7:

Once the download starts click on Save and then click on Run.

This completes the installation of Modern POS


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