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Create An Editable Grid View In PowerApps


In this blog, we will learn how we can create an editable Grid View in PowerApps.


1.Set up a gallery in your Powerapps.

    Insert a new gallery – Insert > Gallery > Vertical

2.Add Data Source to the Gallery you added.

   Go to Properties > Click Data Source you want.

3.Delete the Label from the Gallery.

4.Add Text input control in the PowerApps Grid.

   I have added 3 Text input control inside the Grid.

5. For each text input box:

Set TextInput.Default = ThisItem.<fieldName>

For eg: TextInput1.Default = ThisItem.Description

6.The output screen after adding the Default property.

7. You can change the field here.

8. To Save the changed value into the Data source, set the following:

Set TextInput.OnChange = Patch(Products, ThisItem, { <fieldName>: TextInput.Text })

This will change and save the value into the CRM.

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