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Create Fixed Asset using X++

In this blog article, we will see how we can create a Fixed Asset using code based on AssetGroupID.

Add below code in class to create a Fixed Asset,

public void createFixedAsset(AssetGroupId assetGroupId)
        AssetTable assetTable;
        NumberSeq numberSeq;
        assetTable.assetGroup = AssetGroupId;

        //Initialize Number Seq for Asset Id
        numberSeq = assetTable.initAssetNumberSeq(assetTable.Assetgroup);
        AssetTable.AssetId = NumberSeq.num();        

        //Initialize other fields based on Asset Group                                      

        //Initialize name and Name Alias fron Item Id
        assetTable.Name = InventTable::find('ITM1104').itemName();
        assetTable.NameAlias = assetTable.Name;

        //Validate and Insert Fixed Asset. On insertion asset book is also created

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