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Creating Case in Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Social Engagement Posts


This blog explains how to Create Case in Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Social Engagement Posts.

Steps to be followed:

Steps in Dynamics 365:

  1. Go to Settings –> Service Management –> Automatic Record Creation and Update Rule. 
  2. Click on +NEW.
  3. Enter Name and Set the Source Type to Social Activity.
  4. Save the record
  5. Under Channel Properties section for additional properties select the search button and Create new record.
  6. Enter details.
  7. Save record
  8. Create Channel Properties Under Newly Created Channel Property Group.
  9. Enter Name and Data Type.
  10. Save record 
  11. Add specify record creation and update details
  12. Enter Name and save the record.
  13. Under Condition, choose Select, and scroll to the bottom of the drop-down list to find Channel Properties under Local Values. Then, select userPreferredTargetEntity Equals incident.
  14. Under Action, select Add Step, and then select Create Record. Set the value to Case.
  15. If you want to set or change any field value you can do it by clicking on set properties and changing the fields accordingly.
  16. Save and close the record.
  17. Finally select Activate to activate the rule.

Steps in Microsoft Social Engagement:

  1. Go to settings –>Automation Rule
  2. Click on + to create new automation rule.
  3. Enter Name.
  4. Filter according to your criteria.
  5. Click on + ADD NEW ACTION to add actions.
  6. Click on link to Dynamics 365.
  7. Select Instance and Entity.
  8. Click on Apply.
  9. You can also Assign this case to user from MSE.
  10. Click on Apply
  11. Click on ADD NEW ACTION Select Set label.
  12. Click on Apply.
  13. Record Details:
  14. Save the rule.

Case in Dynamics 365:

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