Creating Custom Fields


This blog articles explains the ability to add custom fields is available in platform update 13 and later.

Creating Custom Fields:

Process for creating a custom field and placing that field on a form:

  1. Navigate to the form where the new field is needed.
  2.  Click on Options and then Personalize this form
  3.  Click Insert and then Field
  4. Select the region of the form where you want to expose the new field. After selection, the Insert fields dialog box will display a list of existing fields that can be inserted into the selected region of the form.
  5. Click the Create new field button above the list to initiate the process of creating a custom field. This will open the Create new field dialog box.
  6. Enter all the relevant details for the new field
  7. Click save and insert the new field
  8. Note that there is currently a limit of 20 custom fields per table.

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