25 Jun’18

D365 Project Service AutomationCustomizing the Booking card information on Scheduled Board – D365 PSA/Field Service


Sometimes, stock Schedule Board doesn’t quite do justice by default to your bookings and how Dispatchers see this information today.

Out-of-the-box information on a Bookable Resource Booking looks like this –

What if you want to modify this information and show what’s relevant to Dispatchers?

Modifying the Schedule Board:

You can modify the details of what you need to see on the booking by modifying/configuring some details as shown below:

  1. First, this is how the default Booking Template looks like –
  2. Double-click on the board you want to make changes to (Or, navigate to Tab Settings).
  3. As in picture 1 above, double-click on Initial Public View to open the Tab Settings area, then look for Schedule Types section and look for Work Order / Project entity (depending on which entity’s Bookings you want to effect.)
  4. In the Booking Template section, write this sample code which will show different information other than what comes out-of-the-box.
    Sample Code:

    WO Name: {msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder.msdyn_name}
    Type: {msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder.msdyn_workordertype}

    5. Once finished, click Apply. The Schedule Board will refresh and you’ll see the updated information as shown below:

    And very simple, you’ve modified the Booking Template without much hassle or complex coding.

Written by

Priyesh Wagh

Sr. Software Developer

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