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Microsoft Social Engagement introduces powerful social tools in the hands of sales, marketing and service teams - helping them gain active insight into how people feel about businesses and brands, and enabling teams to proactively connect with customers, fans, and critics.

Features of Social Engagement in Dynamics 365:

  • Connect with customers Meet customers on the channel of their choice, whether that’s social media or traditional communication methods. This helps to understand how people really feel about your business and how you rank up to your competitor.

  • Empower your organisation Give all employees social engagement and listening tools to garner social insights and understand the voice of the customer. This helps determine your share of voice across social media channels, and also mark the ‘key influencers’ of your domain sphere.

  • Delivering better outcomes with IoT Enhance your service experience by proactively detecting, troubleshooting, and resolving issues so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.

  • Create results Go beyond likes and shares to achieve real, measurable business impact. This helps foster conversations about your brand and gain insight to effectively shape your communication and strategy.

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Key Benefits:

Social media is no longer relegated to a select few in the marketing department. Empower a broader set of employees and connect with customers by using Social Engagement

Social Listening:

Listen to what people are saying about your business, brand, product, and topics that matter to you. Gain social insights about your domain SWOT. This, in turn, will help you understand your key influencers and stay informed with alerts about trending topics. Respond directly to enquiries from social media or escalate to traditional customer service channels to resolve cases without losing context.

Sell more effectively:

Receive personalised, intelligence-driven recommendations for content to share on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to build a credible presence. Social Selling Assistant helps you:

  • Gain Trust Share knowledge and participate in social conversations to be a thought leader.

  • Grow Network Find and connect to new companies and people to develop your contacts and generate new leads.

  • Get Connected Keep track of all your stakeholders to stay on top of the latest developments.

Empower employees with social intelligence:

Filter out the noise Drill down on social data by topic, sentiment, language, geography, and more to find the conversations that matter most. Improve customer insight Connect social media to other Dynamics 365 data for the most up-to-date view of customers and prospects. Work smarter Identify purchase intent or complaints easily with built-in tags that improve with your input, or create customised, intelligent tags.

Build your brand:
  • Measure brand reputation Track sentiment on incoming social posts with automatic sentiment tagging, tailored to your organisation through machine learning.

  • Receive alerts and notifications Automatically detect when social post volume or sentiment changes, allowing you to stay ahead of a potential public relations crisis.

  • Analyse conversations Learn what customers are saying about your brand, campaigns, industry, and competitors across multiple social channels with social listening.

  • Grow and manage your community Engage your social media communities by identifying, tracking, and connecting with influencers and industry experts.

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