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Dynamics Column reports in Navision 2017


Many of client required report with dynamics Column in Navision. We all know dynamics data is displaying top to bottom. But what happen if customer want data left to right. And As data increase Column also increase in the report.

In this blog, I will show you Item inventory report, where Item will display in row and location will display in Column. But when you add any new location in Navision and Post any Item Journal, sales, purchase  entry for that location, that new location will added in report Column.

Steps 1:
Open Navision Development Environment. Go to Object Designer.  And Create New Reports.

For Demo I created New Report “ Item By Location New “ report ID 50029.

Steps 2:
GO to Design mode of that report.

Take Item table in Data Item and Item Ledger Entry table in 2nd data Item.

Relation set DataItemLink “Item No.=FIELD(No.)” in Item Ledger entry Property.

Select the Column from the table. For the demo, I have taken only 4 fields, you can as fields as you’re your requirements.

Steps 3:
Go to view and and select Layout option.

Here I am using SSRS Report Builder.

Click on Insert , then click on Table button and select Table  Wizard Option.

And select 1st option as per screen shots.

Step 4:

In Column groups click and drag Location code , for Row Group Item No. and in Value Sum of Quantity.

Click on next and finish.

Steps 5:
Now add Item description fields on right side of Item.

Step 6:
Save the report and run.

Click on preview.

Steps 7 :

Create new location and post Positive adjustment entry for that New location and again preview the report.

New location is added in that report and its inventory Update.

Conclusion :-

With this method you can create dynamics column reports, which can be print left to right column.


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