25 May’17

BIEntity Relationship in Scribe Connector CDK


This blog explains how to define relationship between Entities in Scribe Connector CDK.

Problem Statement:

We often get requirement from Client to define relationships between entities in custom Scribe Connector


Below is code snippet which explains how to define relationship between Customer and Contact.

Step 1: Define child enity (Contact) Object definintion and add to objectDefinitions

Step 2: Define parent enity (Customer) Object definintion

Step 3: Define relationship between entites, points to remember as below:

  • ThisObjectDefinitionFullName property set parent entity name
  • RelatedObjectDefinitionFullName property set child entity name
  • RelationshipType property set direction as “RelationshipType.Child”
  • ThisProperties & RelatedProperties property should be same in both Parent and child entity.

Step 4: Add relationship to parent entity(Customer) and add parent entity(customer) to objectDefinitions.


Hope above scenario of defining relationship between entities help in real scenario of development.


Written by

Shailesh Wath

ERP Consultant

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