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  • Microsoft Envision, April 4th – April 6th!
    Microsoft Envision brings together the most forward thinking minds in business and technology. It is a golden oppoutunity to hear from innovators and visionaries that are shaping the future of business and technology.
  • Microsoft Data Insights Summit, March 22nd - March 23rd!
    Save your dates for Microsoft Data Insights Summit, March 22-23, 2015 at Bellevue, WA to connect with data people, including industry experts, product engineers, and your peers, and get more tools for spotting trends, sharing insights, and pushing your business further.

Latest @ Microsoft News

Microsoft trumps Google in ANZ cloud email market

"Public companies are favouring Office 365 over Google's Apps for Work for their business email."   Read more.

Microsoft tests underwater data centre project 'Natick'

"Data centres will live under the sea to tackle high energy costs and control the carbon footprint."   Read more.
Power BI DialGuage Custom Visual

Did you know?

“ DialGauge custom visual helps user analyze their data by setting their target vs achievables. User can also define min/max value, view current progress value with the help of pointer and can define percentage as well. DialGauge can be specifically useful to view sales data and monitor overall progress ”. You can check details here.
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