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Fetch FormControl and value of different type in Event Handler of D365 Operations


In this blog article, we will see how we can fetch Form Control and its value which is of different datatype in EventHandler in D365 Operations


I am working on Global Address Book functionality for checking Duplicate values for PartyID (String), Tax Id (CheckBox) and Tax Id Type (ComboBox). I am using Event Handler of form method to enable a button based on value of above three fields.


Create Event Handler with below code:

[PostHandlerFor(formStr(DirPartyCheckDuplicate), formMethodStr(DirPartyCheckDuplicate, enableSearch))]
    public static void DirPartyCheckDuplicate_Post_enableSearch(XppPrePostArgs args)
        FormRun formRun = args.getThis() as FormRun;
        FormCheckBoxControl TaxId       = formRun.design(0).controlName("TaxId") as FormCheckBoxControl;
        FormStringControl PartyNumber   = formRun.design(0).controlName("DirPartyTable_PartyNumber") as FormStringControl;
        FormComboBoxControl TaxIdType   = formRun.design(0).controlName("TaxIdType") as FormComboBoxControl;
        FormControl searchBtn           = formRun.design(0).controlName("searchBtn");

        if(TaxId.value() ||
            PartyNumber.valueStr() ||

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