First time printer set up for CPOS/MPOS in Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Retail

In this blog I am going to demonstrate the set up/configuration you are required to do for the first time when you set up the POS on a computer. Whether its CPOS or MPOS, this set up is essential else your POS will not connect to printer at all.

Step 1: Download the printer driver. In this demo we are using Epson printer. For Epson printer you need to download EPSON OPOS ADK from Epson website.

Step 2: Once installed you can open it from start menu

Step 3: Right click on POS Printer in the devices section and click Add New device. Here you need to add your device

Step 4: Mention the name of the printer manually in the Add New LDN box. Make sure the name you mention matches the exact printer name which you have mentioned on HQ.

That’s all. You are good to go. Hope this helps!

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