Getting started with Git Service in Azure DevOps

GitHub is a platform that is used by developers to work together on the same program at the same time. The underlying program is called Git and it keeps track of different versions and by giving support for merging conflicting modifications by different people. GitHub is an online hosting platform of code that you share through Git. Git is a command-line tool, GitHub adds an excellent web platform to share between developers and it also gives you an external backup of your code.

Azure DevOps provides Git service that you need to complement your existing workflows.

  • Click on new Project and select visibility to private
  • Clone the local repo on DevOps once we set the repo we can then clone it to Visual Studio or any other IDE.
  • We can see the different projects gets uploaded on DevOps Git repo service as shown below.

The basic operations

Below are the most basic commands/operations for Git that will allow you to get started easily:

  1. Clone: “downloading” an existing folder (called repository) of code on GitHub to your local computer so that you can work on it
  2. Commit: when you have made changes in your code repository, you must commit it before you can upload it to GitHub
  3. Push: when you have committed your changes, you then push them so that they get registered on GitHub and so that potential collaborators can see them
  4. Pull: when someone else is working on the same code and they have pushed their changes, your code is not the newest version anymore. To receive the newest version, you should do a pull

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