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Hide non-carrier delivery modes from the shipping options in POS

This topic describes a configuration option that is available for the point of sale (POS) application. This configuration option changes the behaviour     for the selection of a mode of delivery when shipment orders are created in POS.

When users create customer shipment orders in POS, they can select a mode of delivery for the shipment. This functionality is available regardless of whether the whole order is being shipped or only selected lines.

By default, the dialog box where a mode of delivery is selected shows all the valid modes of delivery for the combination of a channel, an item, and a delivery address. These modes of delivery are defined on the Modes of delivery page in Headquarters (Sales and marketing > Setup > Distribution > Modes of delivery). “Non-carrier” modes of delivery, such as Carryout or Pickup, might also appear for selection in the dialog box.

However, a feature has been added that lets you hide non-carrier modes of delivery in the dialog box. To turn on this feature, on the Commerce parameters > Customer orders tab, set the Show only carrier mode options for ship orders option to Yes. After you turn on this feature and run the appropriate distribution jobs to sync the information to the channel database, non-carrier modes of delivery won’t appear for selection during the process of creating shipment orders in POS.

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