How to add fields in the Business Central standard reports


There are some needs where the client wants to add fields in the standard business central report. You cannot make changes in the Standard Business central report. We can change the layout of standard reports by using a custom layout that is present in Report Layout Selection.

Steps to achieve the goal:

1. Go to Visual Studio Code -> Download the AL Object Designer Extension

  1. I want to modify Sales Credit Memo and I will make a copy of the standard report from the AL Object designer.
  2. Create a new report and paste the standard report code. Change the Report ID and Name and add a field that you want to be present in the Standard report.
  1. Build and Publish the code in business central. Go to Report layouts selection->Custom layouts download the original layout of the standard report and import it to the new report which you created -> Update Layout.
  2. Download the report layout from the new report. Change the layout according to your needs add the new fields which you want to be in the standard business central report. After adding the fields in the new report layout. Import the layout file and Update it. And use your customized report.


Thus we saw how we can add fields in a standard business central report by using the AL Object Designer extension.

Thank you very much for reading my work. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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