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How to add Insights based News on CRM Dashboards


In the blog we are going to see how to add Insights based News related to Companies/People on the Dashboards in Dynamics CRM

Pre Requisites

  • Insight, powered by InsideView
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


Step 1: First we go the dashboard we want to customize and we add a web resource with the following details

Web Resource: iv_/webpages/insights_dashboard.htm

Name: WebResource_WebResource_insightdashboard

Label: Insights Dashboard

Insights WebResource

Also don’t forget to keep “Visible by default” as “Checked”

Step 2: Now when we see the dashboards we will be able to see Insights news related to Companies/People

Insight News

Step 3: Additionally we could also add Companies/People to the watch list and we will be able to see news related to them on the dashboard by switching to the specific Watchlist

Hope this helped!

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