How to avoid blank pages in SSRS report

How to avoid blank pages in SSRS reports

Hi, guys in this article we will see the reasons that add blank pages in SSRS report and their solution,

  1. Body width:

The body width of SSRS Report should be precise and should be maintained with following formula.

Body width <= Report width – (Left margin + right margin)

  1. Oversizing of report contents:

We add different elements in our reports like tables, matrix, etc. Always keep the size of the elements less than that of the report width along with the margins from left and right.

2. Unnecessary Spaces:

Avoid keeping unnecessary blank spaces in the report, Always keep the content intact with each other. There is one property for body ConsumeContainerWhitespace that set it to true.

3. Page Breaks:

Avoid adding unnecessary page breaks before and after of an element.

Hope this helps.

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