25 Sep’19

D365 Customer ServiceHow to avoid the reposting of Old Email Activity on the Activity Timeline of Lead when Lead is Assigned to new Owner

Problem: Whenever we are assigning the new owner to Lead present in the CRM, the Last Date Modified of the Email Activity gets changed to the current date and time when the new Owner is assigned. Now due to this, all the Old Email Activity with other owner get re-posted to the Activity Timeline of the Lead because email activity by default sort by the Last Date Modified.

Now, above the situation is happened due to the 1: N relationship present in the CRM between Leads and Email Entity which has “Parental” Type of Behavior. So, when we assign a new owner then some of the fields get modified.

Following is a step where you can find Lead to Email Relationship:

  1. Go to Solution and find the Lead Entity
  2. Click on Lead Entity and then open 1: N Relationship

3. Now open Lead Email Relationship, it will be same as the following: 

Now to Change the Current Behavior of the Relationship So, Email Activity should not be re-posted whenever the new owner is assigned to Lead.

Step to change the Relationship Behavior:

1. Change the Type of Behavior to Configurable Cascading under the section of Relation Behavior

  1. After changing the behavior, change the Cascade All to Cascade none in Assign field. This will not change the owner of the Email Activity as well as the Last Date Modified of Lead’s old Email Activity when Lead is assigned to new Owner.
  2. Following is before and after of the configuration has been changed.
    1. If we don’t change Relationship behavior, the following is the scenario

1.1 Lead Email Relationship Configuration

1.2 Before assigning the owner

1.3 After assigning a new Owner

  1. If we change Relationship behavior, Parental to Configurable Cascading and Assign (Cascading All) to Assign (Cascading None)

1.1 Lead Email Relationship Configuration

1.2 Before assigning the owner 

1.3 After assigning an Owner

Hope this helps!

Written by

Amit Prajapati

Software Engineer

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