How to Delete Model/Package in Finance and Operations

Many of the time when You don’t want Existing Data Types(Base Enums, EDTs) or Data Models(Table, Views etc)  and many more elements which can ultimately cause naming conflict while development. So Option is either you want to delete those data type or Model consisting those Data Model/Data Types.

Following methods are needed to be performed while Deleting model:

1.First Open Services and Select  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations: Batch Management Service and Stop that services

2.Navigate To following path K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory

And Select Your Respective package/Model and delete that

Note:- Here I’m using One box machine so my “AosService” is located at K drive. For other machine users “AosService” can be located at other location so you will look for it and Follow steps same as above.

3. Don’t forget To start Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations: Batch Management Service again.

4. Now refresh models from Visual Studio as follows

You have successfully Deleted the Respective model/Package. Hope this helps!

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