1 Jun’15

Dynamics AXHow to expose a field from a table NOT present in the AOT Query for an AIF service

1. To create an AIF service using Wizard, we are supposed to prepare an AOT query containing the tables with proper relations.

2. Once we generate the AIF Service using Wizard, the AxBC classes gets generated for each table present in the AOT Query.

3. AxBC classes contains the parm methods for each field as per table.

4. Now if we want to have a filed in the XSD/XML from a table that is not the part of the Query, we will need to do the below changes:

a: In the AxBC class i.e. Ax[TableName] class, create a parm method for the field you want to include in the XSD/XML for the corresponding AIF Service.

b: Perform Incremental CIL

c: Refresh AIF Services

d: Re-Activate the Inbound port.

5. By doing the above steps, the required field will be the part of the XSD/XML for the corresponding AIF Service.

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