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How to map Signature field into Word template

Introduction :

As we know , signature field with pen control can not be mapped directly into word template.

This blog will explain how to map  signature field into word template.

Implementation :

Steps to Add Signature Field

Step 1 :  Create signature Field with data type multiple line of text and maximum length 15000


Step 2:  Then in the field properties -> control -> select Pen Control and Add.

In word template ,signature field will map as a text field which contains base 64 separated by comma.

As shown below.

Steps for resolution:

Step 1 : To map signature field in picture format in word template , create new field signature text with data type multiple line of text and maximum length 1048576.



Step 2 : Write plugin. Plugin will trigger on create of record and update of signature field.

Plugin Explanation : Plugin will retrieve the value of signature and separate  ” data:image/png;base64 ” string followed by “,” (comma) and save remaining text in newly created signature text field.


Plugin Registration:

  1. Register a plugin on create and update of account entity     2.Plugin Code
void SignatureUpdate(Entity account)
tracingService.Trace("postmsg : " + account);

string signaturetext = string.Empty;
string attributeToUpdate = string.Empty;
Entity AccountUpdate = null;
AccountUpdate = new Entity();

AccountUpdate.Id = account.Id;
AccountUpdate.LogicalName = account.LogicalName;
if (account.Contains("new_signature") && account["new_signature"] != null)
signaturetext = account.GetAttributeValue<string>("new_signature");
attributeToUpdate = "new_signaturetext";
AccountUpdate = ProcessSignature(signaturetext, AccountUpdate, attributeToUpdate);

catch (Exception)
public Entity ProcessSignature(string signaturetext, Entity Account, string attribute)
//to split base64 and remaining text
string[] substring = signaturetext.Split(',');
Account[attribute] = substring[1];
return Account;

3. build the code and update assembly and trigger a plugin

And upload this template .

Result :

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