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How to restrict an action button based on time in Microsoft Dynamics NAV



The requirement was such that on click of the action button a payment transaction is done. The time at which transaction was done is stored in the database. A restriction shouldto be applied to disallow the customer to make payment for the same amount till a certain time

E.g. A transaction was  done by customer A at 11.40 a.m for amount $100. This customer will be disallowed to make the transaction of the same amount $100 till suppose 5 mins. This time is mins will depend on the client requirement.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


  • A field is added in the Sales & recivable setup for Time Check in mins. Here, time in minutes is entered say 5 mins. So the payment will be restricted for 5 mins. I’ve written the code on the action button.
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Store No.",'xyz');
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Terminal No.",'TERM01');
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Sell-to Customer No.",Rec."Sell-to Customer No.");
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Account Number",Rec."Account Number");
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Transaction Amount",Rec."Transaction Amount");
    EFTTransaction.SETRANGE("Transaction Status",EFTTransaction."Transaction Status"::Approved);
     time1:=EFTTransaction."Transaction Time";
  • Create Integer variables Hours, Minutes and Seconds and Milliseconds as Decimal variable. Get the transaction time. Time by default is stored in the system in milliseconds.
  • The below code will convert time and store the hour in Hour variable, minutes in Minutes variable and same for seconds.
    //Code written to convert time to hr min and sec **ST**
     Milliseconds := time1 - 000000T;
     //MESSAGE('%1 total mili',Milliseconds);
     Hours := Milliseconds DIV 1000 DIV 60 DIV 60;
     Milliseconds -= Hours * 1000 * 60 * 60;
    Minutes := Milliseconds DIV 1000 DIV 60;
     Milliseconds -= Minutes * 1000 * 60;
    Seconds := Milliseconds DIV 1000;
     Milliseconds -= Seconds * 1000 ;
    //Code written to convert time to hr min and sec **EN**
  • Get the Time check in mins from Sales & recivable setup and add it up with the Minutes variable.
     Minutes+="Rec_Sales&Rec"."Time Check for Credit Card(min";
  • Now we have till which the transaction should be restricted but the time is stored in Integer variables. Write the below code to convert the integer/decimal variable to time.
    Milliseconds+=Seconds*1000 +Minutes * 1000 * 60+Hours * 1000 * 60 * 60; //convert time to milliseconds
    Milliseconds:=Milliseconds/1000; //convert milliseconds to seconds
     tim := 000000T;
     tim := tim + (Milliseconds MOD 60) * 1000; // get the seconds
     Milliseconds := Milliseconds DIV 60; // keep the minutes
     tim := tim + (Milliseconds MOD 60) * 1000 * 60; // get the minutes
     Milliseconds := Milliseconds DIV 60; // keep the hours
     tim := tim + (Milliseconds MOD 60) * 1000 * 60 * 60; // get the hours
  • Here we get our time in time variable. Add the restriction condition.
    IF (EFTTransaction."Transaction Date"=TODAY) AND (TIME < tim) THEN
     ERROR('The Transaction for the account number %1 can be only done after %2 mins',Rec."Account Number","Rec_Sales&Rec"."Time Check for Credit Card(min")

Conclusion :

Thus using the above logic time can be converted to Integer variables and then convert Integer variables to time again.

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