How to Send Email Notifications for Failed Pipeline Runs : Part 2 | CloudFronts

How to Send Email Notifications for Failed Pipeline Runs : Part 2


ADF has a feature to Monitor and Audit the ADF activity. These Alerts can be Fired on both success and failure of a pipeline based on how we configure it.

We have already created a Target Criteria in the previous in Blog. Check it out here:

In this Part we will configure Email Notification for Failure of Pipeline Runs

Step 1:

Under configure Email/SMS/Push/Voice notification click on Configure Notification to set an action group. An action group defines a set of notification preferences and actions included by Azure alerts.

Step 2:

Select Create new. Give an Action Group name and Short name and click on add notification.

Step 3:

Give the Action Name and check mark the Email Option.

Step 4:

Add the Email address and click on Add notification.

Step 5:

You can see that your Notification is now added and you can click on Add action group.

Step 6:

You can click on Create Rule once your Target criteria and Notifications are added and Enable rule upon creation is enabled.

Step 7:

Thus a new Email Alert has been created for Failure of Pipeline.

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